The Scriptures says, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35b KJV.

A willing heart is a heart of gold. A heart which the Lord has blest with His beauty and abundance. He has called you to the kingdom of His dear Son so that through you His light will shine the paths of the needy. You can’t fail Him! You are a kingdom builder. He has not blessed us so that we will be comforted in our little corners, but to be comforters.

Life is easy for you, but the greater masses are suffering. Life is so difficult and unbearable for them. They need your help. They need your support. None is ever small so far as it comes from a willing heart. It is all that matters!

“Greatness is not in the number of expensive cars we can afford to buy with our wealth, but it is in the number of souls we ‘ve imparted with our power.”~ Daniel Nana Yaw Amfoh.

Will you bless a soul today? Now? If you make it possible for others, God also makes things possible for you. If you bless a soul, God blesses your own soul. Just do it!