There is a great reward in making a sacrifice. Don’t always wait to be asked before you do. A spirit of volunteering makes you beautiful and saintly. What have you to give? What have you not to give?

A constant desire to make a soul better portrays the God nature in us. You tell the world by your actions that you are a son or a daughter of God indeed! Give your all to save souls. Give your hand to the tottering, hungry and needy orphan. Give your food to the famished and dying kids in Africa. Speak for & to the cause of the voiceless and the justice-denied widows, the vulnerable, the handicapped, the uncherished souls, the disaster-stricken and give them hope of a brighter tomorrow. You have everything to give to the disadvantaged! Yes, you are very well-endowed to bless their souls!

All that matters is a willing heart and a ready mind. Give it a thought. Ponder over it in your heart. And you see automatically your feet following suit. He has made you a great man/woman to make others great. He has shown you the way to be a Pathfinder to the unlucky masses. What is preventing you to exact your calling? What aileth thee? You can’t fail Him! You can’t fail yourself! You can’t fail your children! You can’t fail your world! Just get up and help a needy! That is true impact! That is your indebtedness to humanity! Stay blest!